Tackling Financial Crime through Strategic Partnerships, Effective Controls & Technologies

Recent incidents such as Malaysia’s 1MDBN probe and the Panama Papers case have highlighted significant flaws in financial institutions’ internal processes when it comes to financial crime monitoring, detection and compliance. As Asia’s regulators and law enforcement stepped up their supervision, inspection and enforcement efforts, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions alike are under pressure to review their processes, controls and systems to ensure compliance in an increasingly dynamic and borderless market environment.

Part of the 2017 Financial GRC Week, the AML & Financial Crime Asia Summit brings you the industry’s best practices on combating financial crime – from forming collaborative public-private-partnerships, uncovering the latest threats in AML, frauds, cybercrimes to how financial institutions can leverage technologies such as blockchain, data analytics in their fight against financial crime.

Join your peers in February and learn how you can enhance financial crime compliance in your organisation.

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2017 AML & Financial Crime Summit Themes


Strategic Partnerships & Collaboration in Financial Crime Investigations


Recent Financial Crime Incidents – What Went Wrong?


Unveiling the Latest Cyber Crime Threats


Cross-Border Financial Crime Monitoring & Detection


AML: Customer Due-Diligence & KYC


Financial Crime Controls & Risk Management


Technologies in Combating Financial Crime

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Why Attend AML & Finance Crime Asia Summit?

Interactive Sessions

Gain actionable strategies from regulators, central banks, enforcement authorities, FIUs and technology providers on tackling financial crimes complexity in Asia

Real Situation Analysis

Covering key threat areas on identifying beneficial ownership, AML, politically exposed personnel (PEP) screening, trade based money laundering, cyber crimes

ISO Technical Committee

Review your organisation’s internal processes and controls to identity weak spots in financial crime compliance

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Deep-dive into the latest technologies: detection scenarios, predictive analytics and data analytics in financial crime detection and monitoring

Networking Opportunities

Overcome challenges in detecting typologies of financial frauds and mitigating the risks associated

Who Will You Meet?

Banks, Financial Institutions and Payment Platforms

Chief, EVP, VP, Directors, Head, Manager dealing with:

  •  Financial Crime
  •  Financial Crime Compliance
  •  Financial Intelligence
  •  Financial Crime Intelligence
  •  FCC Assurance
  •  FCC Controls
  •  FCC Screening
  •  FCC Risk Assessment
  •  Financial Investigations
  •  AML
  •  AML Compliance
  •  Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  •  Know Your Customer (KYC)
  •  Sanctions
  •  Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  •  Fraud Risk
  •  Cyber Security
  •  Cyber Intelligence
  •  Risk Control & Governance
  •  Transaction Monitoring

Central Banks, Financial Investigation Units, Ministries of Justice and Finance

Director, Deputy Director, Auditor, Solicitor, Counsels dealing with:

  •   Investigation
  •   Money Laundering
  •   Regulatory Compliance
  •   Finance Intelligence & Enforcement

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