Andy Chow

Vice President, Cyber Risk Intelligence
Andy Chow is a certified cyber security professional with more than 14 years of experience in various critical infrastructure sectors including banking, military, telecommunication and transportation. Outside these sectors, he has experience working for a manufacturing firm which possess high intellectual property. In his current role, he's responsible for establishing and maintaining cyber intelligence capabilities for one of the world's largest financial institution.

On the strategic level, Andy acts as an ambassador for his bank in various industry engagements and private-public sector collaborations. He chairs the FS-ISAC APAC Threat and Strategy Committee (ATSC), an organised body that focuses on intelligence and organisational strategy in the APAC region. During his tenure as an intelligence professional, he has built a network with other financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and vendors. Andy is also responsible for supporting an intelligence-led strategy to reduce cyber risks against his bank. He delivers strategic analysis on cyber trending and developments to inform and influence various level of stakeholders, ranging from technical professionals to C-level executives and board of directors, so that they can prioritise their investments to protect the bank against cyber threats.  

Andy started his career on the technical track. He has years of experience investigating, responding and disrupting cyber attacks. Some of his contributions were later identified to be part of a broader campaign launched by a diverse range of adversaries with different levels of motivation.