27-28 February, 2018

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Convince Your Boss

Need help getting approval to attend? We appreciate that time out of the office can be difficult to justify, especially with the constant pressures of return on investment and time. This is why we have put together this short letter for you to use in your internal decision-making process, if needed. Hope it's... Read More

Fast Track Your Attendance

Fast Track Your Attendance

Download the registration form for more information on pricing and special discounts. Plus, if you're ready to register, just fill out the form and email it... Read More


Financial GRC Week 2017

Download the complete agenda for Financial Governance, Risk & Compliance Week 2017 taking place in February... Read More

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Integrating Technology into the Future of Financial Crime Compliance

The article shows how banks and financial institutions should integrate technology into the future of financial crime compliance. This article provides insight into: The four key benefits offered by RegTech3 RegTech Case studies - United Bankshares, CitiGroup,... Read More

Malaysias 1MDB Scandal Prompts Banks to Re-examine PEP and AML Processes

The investigation into 1MDB is on-going, with no concrete answers yet, but does this incident suggest that Malaysia's AML and PEP processes need changing? To answer this question we look at the latest assessment by the Financial Action Task Force and compare the views of industry experts:How did the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF)... Read More

Rebittance and Regulation The Future of Bitcoin in Southeast Asia

In January 2015 the USA became the first country to regulate a Bitcoin Exchange. Despite this, countries in Southeast Asia are lagging behind, with many choosing to rule cryptocurrencies illegal rather than take steps to mitigate the risks and embrace the benefits they have to offer. To understand why, we take a look at the state of... Read More

Insider Perspective on dealing with one of the biggest Cyber Crimes in Financial Services - The Great Bangladesh Heist

With speculation regarding the overall security of the banks involved and the possibility of insider cooperation with the hackers, we delved further into the details of cyber crime incident in The Great Bangladesh Heist by interviewing Vencent L. Salido, the Deputy Director of the Philippine Compliance and Investigation Group, Anti-Money... Read More

Asia Most Wanted Top Ten AML Cases

The article highlights the Asia's top ten money laundering cases:Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)Ex- President Chen Shui-bian – TaiwanEx- President Ferdinand Marcos – PhilippinesEx- President Suharto – IndonesiaOrganised CrimeRuan Zhizhong – ChinaProject Eligo – AustraliaThe Yakuza – JapanHigh Profile Businessmen and... Read More

Establishing business resilience for cyber crime and fraud prevention

The threat of cyber crime and fraud is one of the most contentious issues facing financial institutions to date. As technology advances, so do the methods for criminals to cause potentially irreparable damage. Paul Hurrell, Australasian Zone Manager, Anti-Fraud and Investigations – Global Investigative Services Group at AIG, discusses how... Read More


Attacking the Criminal Economy - A law Enforcement Perspective

In this presentation, Detective Superintendent Nicholas McTaggart, Australian Federal Police, discusses the crime phenomenon in financial sector from a law enforcement perspective.Contemporary issues relating to money laundering The International activity The rise in 3rd Party Money laundering activities Identifying economic crime threats law... Read More