Nitin Sood

‎Director and Head of Anti Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring Asia Pacific
Nitin Sood, was appointed as  APAC AML Transaction Monitoring Head in 2010. In this role Nitin reports to Rod Francis and to David Levenberg, Citi's Global Head of AML Transaction Monitoring. Nitin joined Citi India in March 2005 as part of the country quality assurance team.

In the year 2006 , Nitin joined the India AML Compliance and in 2007 he joined the ASPAC Regional GCG AML compliance. 

Prior  to joining Citi, Nitin worked for ICICI Bank (India) in their centralized operations function and prior to that, with  Honda Trading Corp in their Finance and Taxation function.

Nitin is a certified Chartered Accountant (from ICA India) and has received a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree from the University of Delhi, India.