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Practical Applications in Ongoing Transaction Monitoring (TM) & Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

Transaction monitoring is a vital component in ensuring timely and effective compliance. How can you optimise planning and budgeting to keep monitoring cost-effective and yet efficient? This workshop is designed to help you re-calibrate existing TM mechanisms, identify gaps in delivering the expected compliance performance and improve the efficiency of your existing TM platforms:

  • Learning outcomes:
    • Enhancing the efficiency of your TM through gap analysis - people, process, technology
    • Planning for new reporting formalities, STR and upcoming regulatory procedures
    • Establishing an evaluation criteria for various TM systems on offer
    • Adjusting existing transaction monitoring systems to handle compliance loads

  • Ghadeer Saed
    Regional MLRO, Asia
    ANZ Bank

Leveraging Trade Based Money Laundering Statistics to Enhance Your TBML Framework

This workshop will give actionable insights through case studies on the use of trade based money laundering statistics to improve your current TBML framework

  • Learning outcomes:
    • Applying a risk-based approach in developing transaction monitoring mechanisms for trade-related products and services
    • Setting the criteria in developing controls to detect, escalate and report suspicious activity
    • Discuss case studies on latest trends and development in TBML and its applicability

  • Chin Ling Hu
    Head of Legal Compliance
    China Construction Bank

How to Conduct a Successful Financial Crime Investigation

With emerging financial crime threats, it is more crucial than ever for law enforcement and financial institutions to collaborate and optimise investigative capabilities. Join our workshop leaders as they share exciting investigation case studies from across the Pacific and all of Asia, deep-diving into well proven techniques to improve on cross-border investigations:

  • Learning outcomes:
    • How to maximise intelligence sharing – collaborating with law enforcement to track illegal activity through communication channels
    • Establishing best reporting practices for fraudulent Activity
    • Leveraging on state-of-the-art tools and techniques to investigate cross-border activities
    • How to optimise your investigative and reposting capabilities within accounting, investigation services, analysts and compliance professionals industries

How to Conduct a Successful Asset Recovery Investigation

How to make asset recovery an integral part of every financial investigation, and succeed in getting money back? Join our workshop leader Inger as she shares exciting investigation stories with particular emphasis on asset recovery, giving an in depth account of how to ensure that criminals are deprived of their assets.

  • Learning outcomes:
    • Planning an investigation for asset recovery, showing the critical points of each step
    • Learning the importance of securing assets as early as possible
    • International recommendations for best practice on legal frame work on asset recovery
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